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About Anglerparadies Hessendorf

Our ANGLERPARADIES HESSENDORF is located in the north-eastern part of the Waldviertel on the "Reblaus-Express" Retz-Drosendorf railway line, near Geras.

The facility currently includes seven fishing ponds with a total size of 50,000 square meters, four with trout and char and three ponds with carp, tench, amur, catfish, zander and pike.

The ponds are surrounded by forest and meadows in a very quiet location. Bring your friends and family and spend a pleasant and relaxing day at our beautiful outdoor ponds.

Kids will have a lot of fun at our big natural playground.

Your physical well-being is well taken care of, with good home cooking and fish specialties in our restaurant.

In addition to fishing, there are excursions to the Geras Abbey with a nature park, the baroque castle of Riegersburg, the border crossings at the historic towns of Drosendorf and Hardegg, the mining lake in Langau and the modern swimming pool in Weitersfeld, as well as solid inns with accommodation and good food within a ten-kilometer radius.


Rental fishing rods & bait

Bring your own equipment or rent ours, both is possible.

It is possible to rent fishing rods.

€15 per day will be charged per fishing rod. If the fishing rod is returned undamaged, you get a €10 deposit back.

€5,-/day are rental fees.


For a fee we also offer various fishing accessories and a wide variety of baits such as:

maggots, worms, corn, boilies, batter, blinkers,

rubber fish


Anglerparadies Hessendorf

fishing regulations

We warmly welcome you to our ponds.

Please follow these rules and respect our supervisor!

1. Fishing in general:

  • Before you start fishing, you have to pay a fee of €13,- per rod when registering at the office. €10,- of this fishing stake is credited to the account for the fish caught. If no fish are caught, there is no refund of the fishing effort.

  • Every fisherman must sign out at the office after fishing.


  • Live bait is not allowed.


  • The killing of the fish must be carried out quickly and as painlessly as possible. (Powerful blow to the head above the eyes)


  • All fish that are taken with you must be weighed opposite the office. Upon request, the fish can be gutted by us for a fee after they have been weighed.

  • Be considerate of the other fishermen casting straight.


  • During inspections by our supervisor, transport containers, car trunks, etc. must be opened.


  • Every fish theft is reported to the police.

2. Fishing for trout, char, pike and zander:


  • Releasing the fish is prohibited.


  • A fishing net must be used. (Can be borrowed opposite the office hut for free)


3. Fishing for carp:

  • It is essential to use barbless hooks.

  • You must use a mat for unhooking the fish (can be rented opposite the office for a fee)

4. Rules of behaviour on our facility:

  • Our facility is to be kept clean of all waste. Do not throw rubbish in the water. Empty reuseable bottles and glasses are to be returned to the restaurant.


  • Loud music an noise should be avoided.


  • Dogs are allowed, but must be kept on a leash at all times!



  • trout, char: €15,-

  • carp, tench, amurcarp: €9,-

  • catfish: €16,-

  • zander, pike, sturgeon: €19,-

We wish you a nice and successful fishing day

Good fish

Regulation of barbecue areas

At Anglerparadise Hessendorf we offer our guests a total of 5 areas for barbecuing

self-caught fish

or / and

brought food

for a usage fee of

€ 30,-

Max. usage time 3 hours!

You must call for pre-registration:

+43 676 900 17 56


opening hours

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays


We will spoil you with seasonal dishes and down-to-earth cuisine.

You can also have the fish you caught prepared by us.

Our restaurant is also available for various celebrations.

Opening hours:

Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays

07:00-18:00 ,

warm food until 5:00 p.m

Information and reservations at:

+43 676 900 17 56




Impressions of Anglerparadies Hessendorf

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contact details

Anglerparadies Hessendorf, family Neubert

2091 Hessendorf

+43 676 900 17 56

GPS coordinates: 48.8137793, 15.7434347

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